Kairos Cookie Ministry

When Was The Last Time You Visited Me in Prison?

Mt. 25:36: “…I was in prison and you visited me.”

Our St. Paul Prison Ministry is looking for volunteers to bake Kairos Cookies!  Your gifts of homemade cookies are a tangible expression of Christian love to a group of people who seldom encounter concern or love in their daily lives.  Following these guidelines will help ensure that your cookies will be most effectively used to do the work for which God inspired you to bake.

  • Plain chocolate chip cookies only.  No powdered sugar, frosting, or raisin cookies please.
  • Please make your cookies sturdy.  They will be handled several times before they arrive in the prisoners’ hands.  Delicate cookies will crumble; chewy cookies tend to end up as a single large lump.
  • Try to make the cookies 3 inches in diameter. Consistent size is important.
  • The cookies are intended to represent God’s unconditional love to the prisoners.  No burned or blemished cookies please.
  • Cookie mixes and pre-mixed dough are fine.
  • Please use zip-lock baggies to keep the cookies as fresh as possible.  Remember to let them cool completely before placing them in the baggies.
  • Please count your cookies carefully to ensure there are only 1 dozen cookies per bag.
  • Please don not put anything except cookies in the bags.  No paper plates, notes, cardboard backing, or plastic wrap as anything but cookies will have to be removed.
  • Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray as you bake the cookies and pray for the inmates who will receive them. Your prayers are very important to the prisoners.

Collection boxes are in the vestibule; cookies will be collected daily and are needed by Tuesday, October 17.  If you have any questions about the Prison Ministry or the cookies, please call St. Paul parishioner Bob Tavenner at 614-895-3678.  Thank you and may God richly bless you for sharing His love!

The key ingredient to the Prison Ministry is truly prayer!  If you are able to make Kairos Cookies, please pray over the ingredients before and during the mixing!  Pray over the cookies as you drop them on the cookie sheets and pray while they are baking.  Ask God to use your cookies as a source of His love to shine on the prisoners and staff on the Kairos weekend.  If you are unable to make cookies, donations of tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough can be dropped off at the Parish Office.  Thank you!

St. Paul Prison Ministry Prayer

Heavenly Father because of your infinite love for us you sent your only Son as a perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.  Help those who have committed crimes to know that your Son died for their transgressions and that your forgiveness is real and your mercy has no limits. Shine your light into the prisons and send the Holy Spirit to fill hearts with repentance, contrition, and hope.  Your Son said, “Whatever you did for one of the least brothers and sisters of mine, you did to me.”  We pray for the incarcerated that have been forgotten by the world. We pray for the families left behind, especially the children who will grow up without mommies and daddies.  Please bring teachers and role models into their lives so that mistakes of the past are not repeated. Please strengthen the resolve of the unjustly incarcerated.  And help us to forgive as you have forgiven.  Amen.






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