Cheerleading Advisor:
Lisa Foley


In accordance with the philosophy of the St. Paul Parish Parent Athletic Association, the cheerleading program will follow a “no-cut” policy. All eligible girls/boys will be have the opportunity to participate in cheerleading. Those entering 7th and 8th grade programs will attend cheerleading clinics and will be assessed as required by the competition rules established by the Columbus Catholic Diocese. Squads will be determined following assessments. Conversely, those entering 5th and 6th grade programs need not be assessed but should attend clinics. Participation on any cheerleading squad is dependent on the availability of coaches and sports teams.


In the spring of the school year, prior to each cheerleading season, an open assessment will be held for those entering 7th and 8th grades. Any St. Paul student or member of St. Paul Parish entering the 7th or 8th grade in the next school year is eligible.

  1. Assessments will be performed by an independent panel of judges who have no association with St. Paul Cheerleading.
  2. Following assessments, competitive and developmental squads for Varsity and Junior Varsity will be established according Columbus Catholic Diocese guidelines. Consideration will be given with respect to the number of participants and the number of members per squad.
  3. Assessments are closed; judges, advisors, participants, PAA board members, and assisting coaches only will be permitted in the facility.
  4. Material for assessments will be taught during a series of clinics. It is the responsibility of the participants to attend clinics.


  1. Clinics
    1. Dates and times will be decided by the advisors.
    2. Modest, proper attire should be worn to all clinics: t-shirt, shorts, socks and gym shoes. NO jewelry. NO gum chewing.
    3. Completed consent forms and PAA fees are due on the first day of clinics. Without the required forms and fees cheerleaders will be unable to participate.
    4. Clinics are closed; advisors, participants, and assisting coaches only may remain in the facility.
  2. Assessment Requirements
    1. Advisors and Parish Athletic Association discretion.
  3. Judging Criteria
    1. Appearance - neatness, posture, smiles!!!
    2. Enthusiasm - pep, rapport with audience, confidence, eye contact.
    3. Voice - loud, low, clear, controlled
    4. Execution - correct motions, crisp, straight arms and legs, proper techniques of jumps and gymnastics.
    5. Originality and creativity.
  4. Assessment Uniform
    1. Shorts - solid dark color gym shorts (no pastel or bright colors).
    2. Shirt - solid, white or light color t-shirt / no graphics.
    3. Sock - white footies / bobby socks ( neat).
    4. Gym shoes - clean white.
    5. Hair and make-up - in good taste, out of the way.
    6. No jewelry.


Mounting is prohibited for all St. Paul squads in accordance with the Columbus Catholic Diocese and the Ohio High School Athletic Association regulations.

  1. Varsity Football and Basketball/8th Graders; squad(s) will be established following assessments.
  2. Junior Varsity Football and Basketball/7th Graders; squad(s) will be established following assessments.
  3. Reserve Football and Basketball/ 6th Graders.
  4. Junior Reserve Football and Basketball/ 5th Graders.
  5. The advisor may adjust squad size at his/hers discretion.
  6. Participation in Football and Basketball Cheerleading is dependant upon the number of teams playing. Priority will given in the following order: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Reserve, Junior Reserve.
  7. ALL squads are required to cheer at every game during football/basketball season in which St. Paul’s team is represented, during regular season play and tournament contests.
  8. Special events:
    1. July 4th Parade = Football cheerleaders
    2. Parish Picnic = Football cheerleaders
    3. Fall Pep Rally = Football cheerleaders
    4. Christmas Parade = Basketball cheerleaders
    5. Winter Pep Rally = Basketball cheerleaders
    6. Diocese Competition = Basketball cheerleaders (optional)

Coaches / Advisors

  1. The Cheerleading program depends on volunteer coaches and advisors for the coaching and administration of its squads.
  2. Coaches are selected by and report to the Cheerleading advisors.
  3. Existing coaches will be given the right of first refusal to continue coaching a squad as long as he or she wishes to coach, assuming there have been no violations of PAA or Diocesan Guidelines.
  4. Coaches and advisors have devoted a significant amount of time to the cheerleading program and should always be treated with respect.


  1. Uniforms are provided by PAA for all squads as follows:
    1. Skirt
    2. Vest
    3. Pom-Pons (Varsity and Jr. Varsity only)
    4. Uniforms are the property of PAA and are to be returned at the end of the season clean and in good condition.
  2. Each member of each squad is required to provide:
    1. Shoes
    2. Socks
    3. Cheerleading briefs
    4. Bodysuit/turtleneck
    5. Jacket/Warm-up (optional) --- Worn by basketball cheerleaders in the Christmas Parade
  3. Condition of Uniform
    1. Uniforms and shoes are to be cleaned and in excellent condition for every occasion at which they are worn.
    2. The uniform and shoes are not to be worn at any other time.
    3. Any lost or damaged parts of the uniform are the responsibility of the squad member and must be replaced or paid for at the end of the season.
  4. Selection of uniforms, skirt, vest, and pom-poms, is the responsibility of PAA and the Cheerleading Advisors.
  5. Additional items and/or embellishments are the choice of each squad with the approval of the advisors.


  1. St. Paul Cheerleading camp is mandatory for all cheerleaders new to program where they will learn school chants, cheers and, dances.
    1. Camp cost is approximately $50.00 payable to PAA.
    2. Camp is typically held in mid June at St. Paul.
    3. SPS Camp instructors are former St. Paul Cheerleaders.
    4. SPS Camp is supervised by the Cheerleading advisors.
  2. An “away” or private summer camp is required for all Varsity and JV Cheerleaders. Examples of an “away” camp would be an AmeriCheer or DeSales summer camp. A private camp is held at St. Paul with experienced instructor(s). The purpose of summer camp is to strengthen team unity, learn new material, and develop and/or expand individual skills. Coaches will determine which camp the squad will attend.
    1. Cost is between $65.00-$150.00.
    2. Camp will be attended as a squad.
    3. Coaches will consult the cheerleading advisors should they choose to have a private summer camp.
    4. Overnight camp is prohibited.
    5. Practices may be held to prepare camp material.
    6. Camp uniforms (matching t-shirts and shorts) are required at some “away” camps which are the responsibility of each member. Coaches will coordinate the purchase of the uniforms in an effort to keep the cost at a minimum.
  3. Practices will be held to prepare for the July 4th Parade, Parish Picnic, and football season.

School Year

  1. Practices
    1. Two (2) per week per season.
    2. Practices times and days are at the coaches discretion and depend on room availability. Exact days and times are usually published in mid to late summer.
    3. At the time of preparations for special events (pep rallies, parades, competitions, etc.) additional practices may be called with one (1) week prior notice.
  2. Game schedules for football and basketball are typically not available until the week games begin.
  3. Banquets
    1. It is the responsibility of the cheerleaders to assist in the decorating for the athletic banquets.
    2. Awards
      1. Jr. Reserve - certificate
      2. Reserve - certificate
      3. Jr. Varsity - certificate
      4. Varsity - St. Paul letter or cheer pin if member has already lettered in another sport.
  4. Driving: Parents are asked to assist in driving to and from games and may be asked to substitute if a coach/advisor is unable to attend an event.
  5. Graduating Varsity cheerleaders, under the coaches/advisors supervision, are responsible for selecting and teaching the material (dance, cheer, and two (2) chants) at clinics each spring. The material will be used for 7th and 8th grade assessments and will remain the property of all squads.


Selection of, or non selection of, captains will be the sole responsibility of the coach and will be based on leadership, responsibility, and dedication: not necessarily cheerleading ability.

Cheers and Chants

  1. All existing cheers and chants will be the property of all squads.
  2. Returning cheerleaders will be available to teach cheers and chants to new cheerleaders if requested.

General / Conduct

  1. Cheerleaders who choose to participate in other sports or activities that coincides with the cheerleading season must commit to all practices, games, and special events first.
  2. Cheerleaders must understand and abide by the game procedures and rules for every athletic contests they cheer for.
  3. Cheerleaders must avoid unnecessary conversation with members of the crowd, team, or each other during games and must pay close attention to the game so that appropriate cheers may be initiated.
  4. Cheerleading does not end after practices. A cheerleader must practice at home to be the best cheerleaders she/he can be.
  5. A mental commitment to cheerleading is required - giving 100% at all practices, games and other events. Working with all squad members of all squads and with the coaches/advisors requires a pleasant attitude and cooperation.
  6. Parents should feel free to contact coaching staff and/or cheerleading advisors with any questions or concerns they may have.


  1. Demerits will be issued for the following:
    1. Not in complete uniform at a game or improper attire for practices --- 1 demerit
    2. Uniform or shoes in poor condition --- 1 demerit
    3. Late for practice (without prior notice) --- 1 demerit
    4. Late for cheerleading event (without prior notice)--- 3 demerits
    5. Unexcused absence from practice --- 2 demerits
      (Excused absence: illness, family emergency, family event or  vacation etc. when coach is notified prior to practice.)
    6. Unexcused absence from a cheerleading game or event --- 4 demerits
    7. Negative or disrespectful attitude towards coach or squad members during practices or games --- 3 demerits


The cheerleading coach will inform the Cheerleading Advisors and/or the Girls Athletic Director of any suspensions.

  1. A total of ten (10) demerits will result in suspension from the next cheerleading event.
  2. Anyone suspended from an event is expected to attend all practices.
  3. Any repeated behavior problems, whether at school, events, or practice, will result in suspension from the next cheerleading event. Examples: lack of respect, cooperation, or responsibility, foul language, and general lack of a Christian attitude towards people and things in general.
  4. Any cheerleader receiving a suspension will receive written notification of the suspension which is to be signed by the member and her/his parents and returned to the coach who will provide a copy to the cheerleading advisor and/or the girls AD.
  5. After a third suspension of any squad member, she/he will be relieved of her cheerleading responsibilities. The PAA Board will be notified and the members uniform will be returned immediately.
  6. Parents have the right to initiate a suspension if they feel the members grades are not meeting their families standards. In the event of a parent suspension the coach must be notified and the member must attend all practices during her/his suspension

Most Importantly

Cheerleaders represent their Parish teams, their squad, their families, and most of all THEMSELVES.

  1. Always act as a young lady in a Christian manner.
  2. A cheerleader represents good sportsmanship, spirit, and leadership and must act in a manner reflecting those qualities.


Please see rules specific to grades 4-6.