Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My work schedule forces me to travel quite frequently. Can I coach basketball with a specific individual?
Answer: No. Assistant coaches cannot be pre-assigned. The head coach drafts his team and then selects his assistant coaches.

Question: My son/daughter is very talented. Can they play-up a grade?
Answer: Unless there is a shortage of players for a given grade/sport, players must play at their level regardless of skill level.

Question: Can my 3rd grader play a 4th grade sport?
Answer: Yes, but only in lacrosse when 3rd and 4th graders are combined.

Question: Why are schedules released so close to the start of the season?
Answer: All schedules are controlled by the Columbus Diocese and not St Paul.

Question: Can my son/daughter play multiple diocese sports without scheduling conflicts?
Answer: All children are welcome to play multiple diocesan sports. Game schedules will no overlap but there may be an occasional game/practice conflict. i.e. softball game and track practice may overlap but there would never be a softball game and track meet on the same date.

Question: My child attends PSR classes on Monday (or Wednesday) night. Would they ever have practice or a game at the same time?
Answer: No. The PAA does not allow teams to have practices or games on the same night that PSR classes are being held.

Question: I would like to coach a team at St Paul. What obligations are expected of me?
Answer: All volunteers in the diocese that work with kids are required to take the Protecting God's Children class and have their fingerprints on file in the school office. In addition, St Paul requires all coaches to sign and submit the Letter Of Understanding agreement.

Question: Do I have to pay to have my fingerprints taken?
Answer: No. They can be taken free of charge in the school office. Stop by anytime during normal school hours or during Monday night PSR sessions.

Questions: Can my child be part of the St Paul ski and snowboard club during basketball season?
Answer: Absolutely. 7th and 8th graders do not practice basketball on Fridays during January and February.