Boys Commissioner:
Andy Feltz
614-865-3578 (Home)
614-554-0152 (Cell)
Girls Commissioner:
Tracey Leskowyak
614-327-2995 (Cell)

2019 Calendar





Teams in grades 4-6 are to be equal strength teams. Grades 7-8 have both Competitive and Developmental teams. Any 7th or 8th grader can choose not to try out and just be placed on the Developmental team.

Regular season starts in early September and tournament dates are late October. Tournaments are for teams in grades 5-8 only.

Open Position

Boys Volleyball Facilities Coordinator

Duties include:  Managing practice schedule, maintaining volleyball equipment, etc.
If someone is interested in taking on this duty or knows of a suitable candidate, please let Andy know. Andy is willing to help train and assist for the transition year.


Evaluations will begin mid August.  Teams will be selected that week.

Minimum Playing Time (per player)

Rule for 4th, 5th, 6th and Developmental teams are each player must play one uninterrupted game of the first two. Rule for Competitive is player must be in for three position rotations in one of the first two games.


Matches are held on both Saturdays and/or Sundays and we have no control over schedules.


4th grade usually practices once a week and on Saturday morning until the season starts. 5th and 6th usually twice a week. 7th and 8th usually three times a week.


Volleyball jerseys will be provided by St. Paul. The players are required to supply their own shorts.


Ohio High School volleyball rules apply for all grades. Amended rules specific to diocesan volleyball can be found on the Columbus Diocesan Recreation webpage.


Complete diocesan games schedules for all teams can be found on the Columbus Diocesan Recreation website.


All player parent(s) need to volunteer at least one weekend date during the season to run the St. Paul concession stand. Depending on the number of games hosted at St. Paul, teams may be required to volunteer more than once.