Reaching for Tomorrow

Following the successful completion of Phase I, we have continued to make progress in our fundraising efforts for Reaching for Tomorrow and would like to again thank everyone who has made a pledge or donation.  Unfortunately, we currently have not raised enough in pledges and cash to complete the entire second floor as originally planned.  However, we do have the capital necessary that would allow us to begin construction this summer on a shell for the second story that would allow us to grow into a finished space as we raise additional funds so we will be proceeding ahead with construction in June.

Once built, the second story shell will be complete from a structural standpoint and it will be safe for the school and the students, teachers and staff.  We liken this approach to building a structurally sound house with power, water, sewer but without all the finishes such as paint, flooring, etc.  This approach was also used during the building of our church as it relates to construction and use of the lower level meeting rooms.

We believe that this approach is the best for our school and allows us to maximize the use of our capital.  Construction material expenses for things like steel, etc. continue to climb and outpace our budget.  Should we wait an additional summer to continue work, the project could become even more expensive to complete.  The school expansion is one of many priorities and needs for our parish community and we aspire to serve our youth in many ways.

Corna-Kokosing will begin preparatory work in June with a construction timeline of 11 months until completion.  In addition to the second story shell, it will include some great improvements for the teachers, students and staff that include:

  • New main school entrances with handicap accessibility in both the car and bus loops
  • Expanded school and auxiliary offices
  • Renovation and expansion of the school clinic to include a handicap accessible bathroom
  • Additional speakers to assist with communication in the lower levels of the school building for our Music, Art, Youth Ministry and PSR programs which were not upgraded last summer
  • The addition of a sound amplification system in the Learning Commons which is needed for large groups

This is only a portion of the plans and impacts for the school.  Please look for additional updates which will be published in the bulletin over the next few weeks and a detailed FAQ document that will be posted on our parish and school websites.  We are also still in need of your pledges and cash donations to ensure that we can fully complete this phase of the school expansion.  For additional information about the Reaching for Tomorrow Campaign, please contact our Parish Development Director, Dana Forsythe, at or 614-882-2109.  Thank you!

A diagram of what the campus will look like beginning June 4 through August 25 is available by clicking here.




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