Small Church Communities

What is a Small Church Community?


A Small Church Community (SCC) is a group of 8 to 10 parishioners who gather to reflect on their lives in the light of the Gospel. The early Christians gathered in small groups, most frequently in a home. That experience allowed for a deep sharing of faith and life.

How Do I Join?

Yearly all parishioners are invited to participate in an initial experience of Small Church Community, generally during the fall. 

For additional information, please call the Parish Office at 614-882-2109 or e-mail Mary Reichley, Pastoral Associate, at

How Often Do They Meet?

Groups will begin with an initial 6 week session starting September 28, 2014 with the opportunity to continue throughout the year. Meeting times vary in respect to time of day and the day of the week. 

"It seems entirely timely, therefore, to form ecclesial (church) communities and groups of a size that allow for true human relationships... In such a context it will be easier to hear the word of God, to reflect on the range of human problems in the light of this word, and gradually to make responsible decisions inspired by the all embracing love of Christ."
                                                                                          - Pope John Paul II