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The Sixteenth Sunday  in Ordinary Time, July 23
Cycle A

The Seventeenth Sunday  in Ordinary Time, July 30,    Cycle A

First Reading:  Wisdom 12:13,16-19
Second Reading:  Romans 8:26-27
Gospel:  Matthew 13:24-43
 First Reading: 1 Kings 3:5, 7-12
Second Reading:  Romans 8:28-30
Gospel:  Matthew 13:44-52
 In today’s Gospel Jesus tells three parables that describe the kingdom of God.  In the first we hear about a field where weeds and wheat grow together. In the Christian community, we find the same situation oftentimes – good and bad grow together and none of us is wise enough to weed out the bad without harming the good. The Gospel today speaks of true wisdom, a priceless treasure to be sought with all one’s heart.  In the first comparison, a man discovers a treasure that was so valuable the he “sold all he had and bought the field.”  In the second, a pearl merchant discovers a pearl worth more than all his possessions.  The point of both parables is that gaining the treasure of God’s saving love is worth any sacrifice.   

Connection To Life:

Connection To Life:

When has a first impression of someone changed from “weed” to “wheat” for you?  

What would you have missed if you had not taken the time to understand the person more thoroughly?    

What can you do this week to display more patience with others?


Describe a time when a decision you made seemed right or wise – and a time when a decision was wrong or unwise.  What made the difference in these decisions?  

What in your life now is most valuable to you?  How do you find God present in that value?  

Tell about a time when you were able to uncover a “hidden treasure.”  

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