Greetings and Welcome!

It is with great joy that we welcome you to our family! Guided by the Holy Spirit and as stewards of God’s abundance, St. Paul the Apostle Parish is a united and dynamic parish, grounded in the truth of Jesus Christ.

We are a stewardship parish and embrace this theology of ministry wholeheartedly. Each of us is called to follow Jesus and imitate his way of life. We have not only a right but also a serious responsibility to discern our God-given gifts and to use them generously for the good of the entire community. This right and responsibility comes to us by virtue of our Baptism and not exclusively by virtue of ordination.

St. Paul’s is a vibrant and active parish because our members respond generously to God’s call to give of their time, talent, and treasure. Because you have chosen our parish, I know you will do the same. We offer an array of ministries, so something is sure to catch your interest! Please get involved soon as it’s a great way to meet people who, like you, have made a commitment to be disciples of Jesus Christ. We also have fun and we have a variety of social events to enjoy throughout the year as well. Our weekly bulletin and this website further illustrate the many ways that you can be involved in parish life.

You will find that our liturgies celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass with beauty, dignity, and the enthusiastic participation of the people of God, the sacred assembly. We hope you will join us each and every Sunday, and at weekday Masses too, with full mind, heart, and voice for the glory of God!

Consider calling the Parish Office at 614.882.2109 if you need information or help. We are all here to serve you!

May God bless your new life here at St. Paul! Please pray that God will help you know your gifts and respond to His call, “Follow me!”

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