RCIA: Sponsors

Sponsors are the Church in action.

Sponsors provide the positive attitude and joy needed for those having an interest in Catholicism.

Sponsors are parishioners.

Sponsors are people who believe in God and sometimes doubt as well.

Sponsors are people who wish to give to God a little something in gratitude for the many blessed they have received.

Sponsors are people who don’t have lots of extra time but are willing to make time so another person can grow in faith.

Sponsors are people like you!

When was the last time someone asked you…

How do you cope with suffering?
Why do you go to Church?
Do Catholics worship Mary?

Volunteer for this amazing opportunity – to bless another and to be blessed in return. Please contact Susan Bellotti, Pastoral Associate, at 614-882-2109 or slbellotti@stpacc.org if you have any questions.

Sponsor Brochure                              Registration – RCIA Sponsor 2018


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