Bereavement Ministry

Our mission is to acknowledge the loss of a loved one on behalf of the parish community. To accomplish this, we establish contact with the grieving family (sympathy cards and phone calls) and provide information about community grief support services, reading material, and inspiration (packets). Some of the activities we sponsor to further our mission are listed below.

  • Support group meetings for 6 consecutive weeks, twice a year.
  • Memorial Mass and Reception on Cemetery Sunday to honor the loved ones of the parish community who died during the previous year.
  • Memory Boards during the month of November and Memorial Day weekend with names and/or pictures of deceased loved ones.
  • “Books of the Names of the Dead” included in All Saints’/All Souls’ Day Offertory processions (with the names of deceased loved ones inscribed by parishioners).
  • Weekly Mass Intentions posted on vestibule bulletin board.
  • Bulletin “stuffers” prior to Thanksgiving, with advice on how to deal with grief during the holidays.
  • Cards sent as a remembrance on first anniversary of a loved one’s death.

Should you need additional information, please contact parishioner Christy Prenoveau at

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