St. Paul’s Women’s Group

 Mission Statement:

We, the Women’s Group of St. Paul Parish, sharing the common bonds of faith and friendship, state the following: As a community of Christian women, we rejoice in our sisterhood in Christ and in our Catholic Faith.  As a community of believers, we come together both to glorify God and to foster a sense of spiritual well-being through Christian witness, fellowship and prayer. Believing that the Holy Spirit is uniquely present in each of us, we seek increased awareness of our spiritual gifts so that we might serve our families and our community.  Moved by the Holy Spirit, we come together socially to nurture friendship in the common belief that the Spirit is made manifest in our parish community by our interactions with one another.

Activities focus on spiritual, mental, physical, and moral development.  All women of the parish are invited to participate!

For more information about the St. Paul Women’s Group and upcoming events, please contact Katy Coffey at either 614.746.3441 or


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