Alpha: Join the Adventure!

We are very excited to once again offer Alpha here at St. Paul’s! Alpha provides a wonderful opportunity for all of us to become closer to Christ and to learn to let the Spirit work in our lives. Participants can expect great fellowship and delicious food!  The meals provided are from local restaurants with whom we partner to create a social and friendly dining atmosphere. The lively and informative videos have brought tears of laughter and strong emotion to many! The small group discussions provide a safe and informal venue to share our thoughts about all aspects of the Christian faith. Many of our guests say that the day away retreat experience with the Holy Spirit is the best part of the entire program.

Nearly 300 guests have experienced the Alpha program here at St Paul. Most of our guests are parishioners, but we are also blessed with the presence of a good number of people, Catholic and not, from outside our parish.  To date our youngest guest has been 17 years old — our oldest attendee, 83!

Please consider joining us! Alpha begins on Sunday, September 22 and will be held from 6:30 p.m. until 8:45 p.m. on 10 consecutive Sunday evenings.

Alpha is free! Childcare provided and dinner is included! Don’t miss out!!

Contact parishioner and Alpha Coordinator Kathy Cunningham at or simply call Annette in the Parish Office at 614-882-2109.


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