A Note From Our Pastor

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that we have been given permission to open the church for private prayer! Starting Wednesday, May 13, St. Paul the Apostle Church will be open everyday from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM. The only doors that will be open will be the two sets of side doors at the back of the church (the doors near the steps and the doors near the parlors) and, as you face the front doors of the church, the far left door.

Below you will find a list of requests and requirements for all wishing to come to pray in the church. These requests are consistent with the guidelines we have all been hearing from health officials and are meant for everyone’s protection.

For those who choose to come to the church, we kindly ask the following:

-Maintain physical distancing of at least six feet with anyone who is not in your household while on the church campus.

-Everyone who can should wear a mask while on the church property.

-Practice strict hand hygiene before and after entering the church.

-Refrain as much as possible from touching any surfaces with your hands. Please presume any surfaces you touch have been touched by someone else.

-Restrict bathroom use to emergencies only. The only bathroom that will be open will be the family restroom.

-Do not come to the church if you have a temperature, a cough, or any illness related symptoms.

-Those who are considered “high risk” are strongly encouraged to not come to the church.

-Do not come to the church if you have recently been exposed to the COVID-19 and should be in a state of quarantine.

-Follow all relevant guidelines from the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.

We will be cleaning and disinfecting as we are able. However, you will need to enter the church at your own risk knowing that we have a very large space and do not have the resources to adequately disinfect on a daily basis every part of the church.

These rules will also be a preparation for what we can expect when we return to the public celebration of the Mass on the weekend of May 30-31. We never want to go through another quarantine again, and the only way I know to make that happen is if everyone does their part to stop the spread!

My common sense rule for stopping the spread of COVID-19: Presume you and everyone you meet (even at Church!) is an asymptomatic carrier of the COVID-19 and presume that every public surface you touch with your hands (even at Church!) has been touched by someone with COVID-19 on their hands.

A letter from the Catholic Bishops of the State of Ohio indicating the progress we are making. can be found here! Please join me in praying for a safe return!

Sunday Offertory: I am truly encouraged by your continued generosity to the parish during this time! If you are able and have not done so, please consider utilizing WeShare for electronic offertory donating. Simply text stpaulohio to 555888 to arrange a weekly, monthly or one-time donation or go to https://stpaulcatholicchurch.weshareonline.org/ You can also mail your offertory envelop or check to St. Paul Catholic Parish, 313 N. State Street, Westerville Ohio 43082-8825. However, for your own safety, please do not mail cash. Should you have any questions about your offertory, please contact our Parish Accountant Loretta Nazario at lnazario@stpacc.org.

Confession: I am so grateful that we can return to the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Confessions will be heard in the Klinger Center (adjacent to the Church building) from 1:00-4:00 PM every Saturday for the time being. They will be by appointment only. If you are interested in going to Confession, you need to please call the Parish Office at (614) 882-2109 and follow the directions to leave a message at the extension that is dedicated for those wishing to schedule a confession. You will receive a call back to confirm the time you have been given.  Please take the time to read this simple guide  beforehand: Guide to Making Confession in These Extraordinary Times

In the Risen Christ,
Fr. Wilson

“Inspired by St. Paul, Centered on Christ, Called to Holiness.”
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