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Readings for the Fourth Sunday of  Easter, April 22
(Cycle B)
Readings for the Fifth Sunday of  Easter, April 29
(Cycle B)
First Reading: Acts 4:8-12
Second Reading: 
1 John 3:1-2
John 10:11-18
First Reading: Acts 9:26-31
Second Reading:  1 John 3:18-24
Gospel:  John 15:1-8
During the Easter season we look at how Jesus’ Resurrection continues to affect people’s lives.  In John’s Gospel Jesus describes himself as a good shepherd.  He knows his sheep by name; he knows their habits and their traits.  His sheep know him.  His love for them is so great that he freely lays down his life for them.  People who know each other in a deep way described in this passage share their thoughts, feelings and will.  They become one heart and one mind.  Jesus and his Father know each other in that way.  Now Jesus tells his followers that they too have a share in this depth and intimacy.  

Today’s Gospel reading is taken from the middle of the Last Supper discourse.  Jesus speaks about his relationship to his disciples.  In his metaphor of the vine and the branches, Jesus is referencing the Hebrew Scriptures.  In the Hebrew Scriptures, Israel is the vineyard, and Yahweh himself tends the vineyard.  One of the primary themes of John’s Gospel is to show Jesus to be the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel.

In this passage, Jesus also teaches his disciples that his relationship with them will not end after his death; he will remain with them always.  This unity between Jesus and his disciples is the basis for their ability to continue to do the work that he began.  Similarly, Jesus’ presence with us through the Gift of the Holy Spirit enables us to continue the work of love and reconciliation that he began.


Connection To Life:

Connection To Life:

Share about the ways you are a good shepherd to your family and community.

Who should you reach out to in the days and weeks ahead who may be “lost” and need “found”?

To be followers of Jesus we must give witness to him by our words and deeds.  How do you serve as a witness of his love and amazing grace?

What specifically will you do this week that will help you strengthen your relationship with Jesus?

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